Monday, February 1, 2016

The end

Hey guys... Arrietta here. None of us knew it, but the previous post was Breadstick's last post on this blog. He's no longer able to post because of what happened in December. I haven't been able to post this until now. I'll go over what happened...

After the events of the last post, Misery went even more insane! Out of nowhere she uses some sort of power that bunched everyone up together! None of them were able to move or use their magic

Misery was telling me she's doing this because they all got me to believe she was the enemy. By doing this she only proved that she is the enemy!
Johnson was struggling and shouted "Why can't a I move!?"

Then she did something even worse. She drained everyone's magic completely! None of them could do anything about it for some reason! She paralyzed me too but it's not like I could've done anything to stop it...

Then she destroyed Breadstick's memory stone and Rein's computer... All any of us could do was watch...

But then she did the worst thing of all... She completely erased everyone's memories of each other... All of their memories of... anything
Now none of them remember anything... I'm the only one who still has my memories
I know it's not Misery's fault that she did this, though... The power she has made her go insane. We tried to stop this from happening by not telling her what happened but I hate lying to people and had to tell her
And that was the last I saw of any of my dear friends. Misery teleported all of them to random places around the world. I'll never be able to meet any of them every again because I have no way to leave the islands. Even if I could meet some of them again, they won't remember me. They don't even know who they are themselves now

Then Misery said "There. Now we queens can rule this land!"

She doesn't let me do anything anymore. I miss my friends... Especially Breadstick... And Mizo... There's nothing I can do anymore. I'm forced to live the rest of my life here with a psycho who is worse than Viron!!

On the bright side, we succeeded in our original mission - defeating Viron. But at what cost...?
Goodbye everyone... I don't think there's a way out of this one. I always depended on someone my whole life. At first it was Mizo who was always there to help me through everything, then it was Breadstick, then both of them... and now it's just me. I can't do this. I don't know what to do

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Goodbye, peace

A few hours ago, Viron finally woke up. Don't worry, he's harmless now. Thanks to Misery he doesn't remember anything. He's like me when I started this blog. No memory of his past, no idea where he is, but also fully unaware of all the terrible thing he's done. It's quite sad, really... He think he's just a normal guy with amnesia now. There is someone who he remembers though... his son, Roger. He doesn't remember much but he's trying to bond with Roger a little more. That's cute and all, but Roger doesn't like Viron at all. He's never going to forgive Viron for the things he did, even if he doesn't know what he did. None of us are...

We're all good people and don't want to hurt or punish anyone no matter what they do so we're going to have to just play along. We have to act like we like Viron :\
It makes me wonder, should he still be held responsible? We can't just put a guy in jail that honeslty thinks he's innocent... but it is Viron we're talking about here...

Anyway, nothing really happened today. I did get some more memories back but that's about it. They're not going to help us with the situation but they're something. I remember the girl who owned Pottery Palace. It wasn't Karen, it was a brown tiger named Cocoa I think. She was really nice... and that's all I remember about her. I also remember- wait, Misery just woke up too...

Misery: Huh... where am I?
Oh, I'm still on these floating islands. What happened? I can't remember anything that happened recently
Me: Nothing really happened here. You were out cold for a while and you just woke up. We were getting worried!
No, that's not all that happened... I can tell. Something feels different
Arrietta: I wouldn't worry about it, Misery
Arrietta! I'm glad you're okay. Can you tell me what really happened?
Johnson: I don't think it's a good idea to tell her  
Why not?
It's just that we don't want anything bad to happen...
You're friends are trying to destroy your trust in me, Arrietta
That's not it... You have all of Viron's power now. We're worried you're going to go insane and...
These people are trying to turn you against me... I won't let you take my queen away from me!   

(Then Misery zapped Johnson...)

Misery! Stop! This is exactly what we didn't want to happen!
He's getting in our way
Try to control the power, Misery... These people are our friends, not our enemies. I don't want to say it, but...
But what?
The only enemy here is you

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Escape Route

This morning Arrietta came to us with another psychic dream (Only a few of us are still "active" right now since most of our friends have to rest from the Viron attack) This one was a bit more cryptic than the others. She said in the dream "two queens split us apart" whatever that means

 I haven't met any queens during my adventures. Unless my mom counts... I don't really know if my family is royalty or not. We had a castle so we were probably rich but that doesn't make my mom a queen. Maybe "queen" means something else. Anyway, in case you were wondering, everyone is safe right now. We're all here just trying to figure out what we're going to do. So far we haven't come up with much of a plan...

Then, in the middle of the day, we got a message from Seifer on the robot. He talked for a while. It definitely opened up another possibility for us

Seifer: Hello. Are you there?
Me: Yeah we're here
I just remembered something that may be important
What is it? This better not be some kind of trap
I told you I have no evil intentions. With Viron out of the way I don't have a boss anymore. I'm more interested in saving the world
After you helped put the world in danger?
Look, do you want to hear what I have to say or not?
Johnson: Just tell us
We still have the time machine that Minda made here. We could possibly use it to prevent everything from happening
That's what I wanted to do in the first place... but you people stole it from us. Hey can I ask you a couple of questions?
I suppose
Were Minda and Bandit on your side at some point?
We tried to recruit them. They refused. For some reason we couldn't take control of their minds either. All we could do was erase an alter some of their memories
My other question is, are Watery and Karen alright? Where are they?
Watery was given a similar form to Rumi's form. Ever since Viron's power was transferred to Misery he's been a normal crocodile again. Karen, however...Viron thought she deserved a special punishment. I'd rather show you in person
Rein: Hello Sefier!
Is that you Rein? So you've met up with Luna again, hmm?
I sure have! And I am never letting go this time
That's great and all, but the end of the world as we know it is soon. If you guys really want a happy future, there are only two ways. I know you won't agree with the first way which involves getting rid of Misery while you still can. The other way is time travel. We would have to do this while Misery is still in this unconscious state
Luna: Have you guys done anything to the time machine? You have had it for so long, I am hoping you perfected it so that we do not have to sacrifice our magic to power it
Actually, yes. Instead of draining all of Karen's magic for himself, he made her use it to power the time machine. I geuss she was so powerful that we didn't need anyone else's magic
That's good to hear. Not for Karen, but for us. It's better that Viron didn't take all her magic for himself
But the question is... Who is going to do the time traveling? Only one of us can go. And what happens to the people in this timeline? Will everyone who doesn't get to time travel still have to suffer?
We never tested it so we don't know. It's possible that the time machine itself doesn't go back in time so we all could go. Let me know when you want to do this

Friday, December 4, 2015

Thoughts and Memories

In this post I kinda just talk about my thought and stuff. Yeah...

I sat there alone for a while with the gem just thinking about everything that's happened. I don't know we're going to do. Misery is emotionally unstable or something like that. If she really does have all this power now... the possibilities are endless. The truth is, I'm scared, I think we all are

However... We don't really know if Seifer was telling the truth or not. Even if he is, maybe Misery won't go insane with power. I don't know if I can believe that though. I mean, she erased people's memories out of jealousy. She was jealous of Mizo. He's still here and now things are much different. Based on that I think it's enough to make her do something crazy again. If Seifer's right, we have a few days to prepare. But what can we really do? We can't keep her in Illusion World and I'm assuming everyone that was under Viron's control before will now be under her control. We don't even know who was under control. And we've seen what Viron can do. What's stopping Misery from doing the same?

Well, anyway...

Lately I've been getting some of my memories back. I don't remember anything major unfortunately. There's something I remembered that's kinda major for me personally but it's not really relevant to all this. I remember my old house and living with my family. We had a huge castle! It was me, George, my mom Charlotte, and my little brother Biscuit. Charlotte was a reddish pink color and Biscuit was orangey. Those colors could be wrong since my memory is vague. I can't remember much else about the castle other than it was pretty big and I shared a room with Biscuit because he was scared of the dark. Okay fine, I'll admit I was the one scared of the dark. I also remember something with those orange animals from the beginning of this blog. I can't remember any of the details, I just remember seeing them before the events of the first post. Hmm...

The last memory I have is of some TV program I was watching in my room. Actually, this might be rather important! I saw the Peace Union on TV! Luna was still a koala... So I guess I knew about the Peace Union back then. Maybe I was somehow involved with them? That could be why Minda left that picture for me with koala Luna. Remember this?

Minda's still an odd character... She used to have so many different abilities and powers. That one time in one of my early posts I mentioned she left a weird misty trail behind her and she also made a ton of basketball cakes on my table. I feel like she had a much greater purpose back then that she doesn't remember either. It's like she was sent here to protect me or something. I was somehow linked to Luna the koala and she was trying to help me regain my memories of her without seeming too suspicious. That's how I see it at least. Yet we still don't know if we can fully trust her... But even though I think she's suspicious now I can't help but to think there's a greater reason why I met her. Perhaps that reason's gone now thanks to Viron... I think Minda just got a bad rap. She was sent here to help me in some way and Viron made it seem like she's the enemy. I wonder what's going on in her mind now. Does she still have her original motives or did Viron alter her mind? If she doesn't remember her original plan then what has she been fighting for? We'll never know, I guess...

Win or Lose?

Me: Can someone explained to me what just happened?
Johnson: We won! That's what happened!
Winter: We had a plan. I honestly didn't expect it to go as well as it did
We had no other choice but to risk Winter's life. I handed her over to Viron and she stalled him until I could teleport Misery here while Viron was distracted
Hey speaking of Misery... She doesn't look so good
Misery: I feel.... dizzy...

Moments after Misery said that, Rumi showed up. She wasn't a beastly tiger this time so that's good

We didn't know what to expect from her. We were all ready to attack her...

But then she said this:
I don't know what's going on or how I got here. I think I'm supposed to give you this

Isn't that a Reinbot?
Yes, I think so. Can someone tell me what's going on?

Then the robot started to talk to us...

Robot: Hello
Uhhh... hi?
Congratulations. You won. You beat Viron
Who are you?
My name is Seifer. Wee've met before. I'm second in command. Looks like I'm first now
Yeah, we beat Viron. Are we going to have to take you down now too? It shouldn't be that hard
I am not the one you need to watch out for. I don't have the same wishes as Viron. The one you need to watch out for is one of your own
Like we're going to believe anything you say...
You didn't save the world. In fact, it could end up worse now. You see, I had my own plans. I put a spell on Viron so that if things didn't end up going well for us I could take all his power for myself so it doesn't end up in the wrong hands. I made it so if someone alters his memories, all of his power will go to them. I didn't expect there to be anyone else with a power like mine. That's where I went wrong. From the camera I installed on this robot I can tell your bunny friend there is in the power transfer process
You're telling me Misery has all of Viron's power now?
That is correct. Our world is in danger now. From what I've heard, Misery's not exactly the right person to hold such great power. She's bound to go insane and could end up destroying everything that we care about
So what do you suggest we do? Assuming you're telling the truth, that is
There's not much you can do. Because of the way the magic was transferred to her, not even Illusion World will prevent her powers from being used. Her magic is now Status Magic
Johnson: What is this "Status Magic"?
It's a different type of magic that can't be blocked. Think of your mirror friend for example. Bringing her to Illusion World doesn't change the fact that she was put into the mirror by magic. She stays the same. Misery's magic is Status Magic now
So what you're saying is if she does go insane with power, there's nothing we can do to stop her?
Pretty much. I could try to drain her powers but I highly doubt you are going to trust me with Viron's power
You got that right. You're on Viron's side!
I'm not anymore. Viron's powerless now, Luna's probably met up with Rein again, Roger wants nothing to do with us... It's just me now. Our plans have failed
Yeah that's nice. Viron hasn't woken up yet, what should we do with him?
When he wakes up he'll just be a normal guy. He won't be the Viron that I know so I don't care what you do with him. Misery is going to pass out soon too. You'll have a few days to decide what you'll do. If you need to contact me just press the green button on the robot. Goodbye

And like Seifer told us, Misery passed out too. I don't know what's going to happen next but I got a bad feeling about this... Assuming Seifer's telling the truth, Misery has all of Viron's powers now. And she's kinda crazy, so... What are we going to do? Who knows what she's going to do to us?

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Game Over

Johnson brought Winter from Illusion World to the castle and left. Why? I thought Johnson was on our side. He betrayed us. We wanted to keep Winter safe... but he just handed her over to the enemy. He didn't have the decency to stay here

We barely know Winter but she already supplied us with someone very important - Rein
And now Johnson's deciding her life is no longer valuable...?

Viron: Ha... Haha... Looks like I win! Listen to me, rhino! You're mine now! I know you hold great power! Not for long, kiddo!
Winter: That's nice
Me: Winter! Why did Johnson give you up!? There's gotta be something I can do you save you...
Don't worry about me, Breadstick. I know what I'm doing. When Viron takes me to his new base I'll use my powers. He thinks he can prevent me from using magic. Funny, isn't it?
What's funny is you think you know what you're talking about! Back at the base I have a magic shield ten times as strong as Illusion World's!
That's actually better for me. You should know my magic gets stronger when I'm in a place where magic is supposed to be prevented. You really want to give me that power? Fine with me
That'll give me more power to drain from you! Or even better, I'll make you my minion and use your knowledge to find your family! I'll make you take out your own family!
I live alone now. I don't have a family. You're going to get rid of my already-gone family? Nice one
When the time's right I'll get my revenge
I take it your family had no other magic users. They had no reason to be here then!
...So are you taking me to this place or not?

While those two talked, Johnson came back! He brought someone else with him this time. Viron didn't seem to notice... Was this all part of his plan?

Misery did that shocky thing again. You know, the thing she did to Chief when she stole his memories. Viron then passed out on the floor...

Misery looks kinda sick too...

Nevermind that... Did we do it? Did we finally defeat Viron!?

Wednesday, December 2, 2015


Viron: Hey, kid. Today was a good day. I'm going to make sure you can't ruin any more of my plans
Me: That's cute. If you haven't noticed, you've lost every time so far. What makes this time any different?
 Are you really that dumb? I perfected transformation magic! I was able to give Rumi the ultimate punishment! Now I can take all of you out for good!
I have a question. Why have you never hurt any of us directly?
Like I'd tell a kid like you! I'm not here for small talk. I'm here for our trade
Why do you want to find the  rhino person anyway?
Isn't it obvious? I guess nothing is obvious for your tiny little brain
Haha... I'm sorry but you have some of the weakest insults I've ever heard. Try getting a new insult book or something, "kid"
She has valuable information. Why would I let her get to you? She knows every detail of Rein's life
Your plans already failed. That Arrietta girl got a new bow and tried stealing my memories. I have to admit it was a good attempt. What would stealing my memories solve though?
I could ask you the same thing
Did you ever stop to think that memory loss was a side-effect of something else?
No. You have our memories sealed inside gemstones. If it was a side-effect of your crazy magic bomb thing then you wouldn't have our memories sealed up
Crazy magic bomb thing?
You know, how you made some kind of mega weapon that took out everyone who isn't a magic user
You know about that!? Nevermind that, hand over the rhino
You're not very bright, are you... You tell me how important it is that we don't meet her, yet you think I have her. If I did have her, why would I give her to you? I think using the information she has to save the world is way more important than a chance that you'll give my memories back        
I'll destroy your gem right here then!

Before you do that, you want to know something I noticed about you?
No, I don't care! I'm smashing this thing right now unless you bring me the rhino!
I noticed you can't hurt us directly. You can take our memories, teleport us somewhere else, or attack us through your brainwashed minions, but YOU can't hurt us. So there's nothing stopping me from doing this

(Unfortunately my camera didn't capture my amazing moves... :( Oh well)
You fool! You do realize Rumi is here and will attack you, right? And that I can teleport you away from the gem? You make think you're smart but nothing's changed since day one. You're still an idiot!
Johnson: I brought the rhino!